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Marie Jahoda and Otto Bauer

Marie Jahoda, social scientist (1907-2001) is representing the scientific orientation and approaches of the institute which are committed to people’s lifeworld and all connected social challenges. The politician Otto Bauer (1881-1938) is, due to him being a leading theoretician of the social democratic movement in the early 20th century, a symbol for political foresight and instinct for the most burning questions. This connection is shown in a quote by Marie Jahoda in 1985:

“[…] and it was Otto Bauer who told Paul and me that joblessness is the most important issue to be investigated. He even proposed Marienthal as the place for the investigation to be made.”

Robert Knight: Interview of Marie Jahoda, August 28, 1985. Source: Documentation Centre of Austrian Resistance (Vienna).[/md_text][md_shortcode_manual]

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